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Age Appropriate Curriculum

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum at Little Bears Learning Center brings your child to his or her full potential socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically at each stage.


Little Bears Infant program helps the infant to develop warm and positive relationships with their caregivers. Children develop trust and a sense of competence in the world around them. Your infant will develop both their minds and bodies in a healthy and safe environment at Little Bears.


Little Bears Toddler program guides children every step of the way as they take to their feet! There are so many things to learn, do and see as they walk, talk and develop relationships with one another. It is important that our toddlers have fun in a safe environment that encourages creativity and learning. *Our Infant/Toddler program theories and practices follow the Creative Curriculum individual goals and objectives for the infants and toddlers. Each program has a different set of goals and objectives based on the developmental stages of the children enrolled. These are only guidelines as each child develops at his or her own pace.


Little Bears Preschool/Pre-K program provides our little learner with an exciting entrance into the larger world of learning. Our curriculum “Building Blocks of Learning” provides tactile, visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities to provide a dynamic learning environment. Our curriculum integrates math, science, literacy, social studies, physical education, music and art in our daily activities in an engaging and fun way.*”Building Blocks of Learning” is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education’s “Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards” for best practice.